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Land Surveying FAQ's


Q: How much does a survey cost?
A: This is one of the most common questions I hear. There is no simple answer to this. All surveys are different in scope and difficulty. The size of the property has very little to do with the cost. Some of the most difficult surveys I have done were in platted subdivisions on small size lots. The cost depends upon several different questions such as: Does the record description of the property, when drawn out, form a closed figure? Do the record descriptions of the property and all adjoining properties close and fit together. Gaps and overlaps in property descriptions increase the difficulty considerably. Is the site wooded or open? A wooded or brush covered site will take more time in the field to survey. Are the government section corners from which the legal description commences easy to get to or in the middle of a swamp? Have the section corners been remonumented? If not, research at the county will be necessary to find documentation to aid in finding these corners in the field. These are just a few questions we have to answer before quoting a price.

Q: I found my mortgage survey do I still need to get a survey performed?
A: This is another thing I hear quite often. Unfortunately, most people have received a Mortgage Report when purchasing a house. THESE ARE NOT SURVEYS! Just because it says Mortgage "Survey" dose not mean it is a true survey. A mortgage survey is simply a sketch of the property showing the lender that the house is on the property. A Boundary Survey is needed to know exactly where your lines are. In fact, there is a disclaimer on any mortgage report that clearly states that the report is not to be used to identify the location of the property lines. Mortgage Reports would cost 1 to 2 hundred dollars back when companies were doing a dozen in a single day. If you are planning on adding improvements near your property line I would advise you to get a Boundary Survey done. We show you exactly where your lines are and provide you with a legal document to back it up.

Q: How do you find my property lines?
A: First, we do in office research. We gather deeds, plat maps, aerial maps, old surveys, re-monumentation records and tax records of the property and the adjoining properties. Once we have this data we go into the field and begin searcing for survey monuments and other evidence such as fences, walls, and any thing else that may help us determine where the property lines were originally layed out. Then we measure the evidence In with our instruments and upload the data to our computer. We then perform our calculations. Based on all evidence, record and measured, we are able (in most cases) to locate the boundary on the ground. In some cases, issues might arise where extensive research and field data would need to be gathered in order to resolve the survey such as major encroachments (i.e. half of someone's house seems to be over the line ect.) 

Q: What does the Certificate of Survey show? Is it a legal document?
A: The certificate of survey is a legal document that can be used in court if needed. The certificate will show the property with bearings and distances. It will also show where and what type of survey monuments were found or set as well as any possible encroachments. The legal description will be shown and a certification placed that is Stamped and signed by one of our Surveyors.

Q: Do I need to be home when you are doing the survey?
A: You don't need to be home unless we need to get into the house (only for FEMA work if you have a basement) or if there is a locked gate that you do not want to leave unlocked. Many clients like to be home for the survey and that is just fine. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.